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Eighteen hole sand green golf course is open all year round.  Green fees are $7 for nine holes or $10 for eighteen for the public.  Winter competitions includes men’s scroungers (nine hole) on Wednesday’s and an eighteen hole competition on Saturday’s,   Women’s competitions occurs Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.  Mixed competition on Sundays. Summer competition is mixed both on Saturday and Sunday.

The club was formed and located as a “more or less” 9 hole golf course on
Island Farm in 1901. Situated between Cemetery Road and the Avon River.
Island farm is now owned by the Northam Gun Club.
In 1918 the club shifted to “Dunnard” the current site of the Northam
Trotting Ground and again a 9 hole course was laid out.
In 1947 a committee was formed to investigate the purchase of a
property suitable for an 18 hole course and subsequently bought the
freehold of “Springfield” in 1948.
The club shifted to “Springfield” during the summer of 1948 and 1949
was the first playing season on our present location.
On Friday, 25th October, 1985 at the Annual General Meeting of the Golf
Club the name changed to the Northam Country Club. The reason for the
change in the long term was so that several different sports could be
catered for in one complex.

THE KENNEDY CUP is the Clubs major OPEN EVENT and was
inaugurated in 1929. It is named after Mr Neil Kennedy, an early member
of the club. It traditionally attracts our largest fields, about 120.
Sweepstakes and trophies include winner, runner up, best sat, best sun
and Gross score.
THE COROLIN CUP is the clubs major CLOSED EVENT and was
inaugurated in 1926 and presented to the club by Mr S.R Dempster. The
Cup was named after the Dempster property gCaroline Farmh, situated
near Mokine. In recent years Mr Dempsters family have provided
winners and runners up trophies for the event.
THE GILLETT PUTTER belonged to Mr W.J Gillett, the Club first gLife
Memberh and President from 1924 to 1948. It was presented on his
retirement from the game and first played for in 1951. His son Merv,
continues the association of the family name with the Northam Country
Club by presenting an iron of the winnerfs choice as the annual trophy.
Since his death in 1975 the Club has carried on this tradition. For several
years a veteran event for players over 50 has been held in conjunction
with the main event. The trophy for this season is presented in memory
of a Life Member, Mr Keith Sermon ] Donated by R & M Sermon.
THE SPRINGFIELD CUP was inaugurated in 1962. The event serves a very
useful purpose by providing a gMajor Eventh early in our golfing year. In
1970 this event became a 36 hole competition.
THE TRADERS TROPHY (36 Hole Event) Originally known as the Northam
Traders Event, was inaugurated in 1963. It is the Clubs only 36 hole Open
event on a Saturday and affords visitors.

Perpetual Trophy
In 1966 a Perpetual trophy was donated to the Ladies of the Northam
Golf Club by Mrs Jess Errington. This coveted trophy is played for during
the season in the form of a Stableford Competition comprising of six
rounds, of which the best four count.
In 1987 an Honour board was erected in the Club House in recognition of
the esteem in which this event and Mrs Errington were held. Annual
trophy donated by Hannagans Hearth House

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